Welcome to Hydra Kernels

Custom kernels for the HTC Incredible

Version 1.0 overclock and Version 0.5 undervolt kernels are up!

Check changelog.

 IMPORTANT: If you installed v0.4 of the stock speed undervolt or v0.9 of the Overclocked kernels you will need to do an advanced android restore of boot before flashing the newest kernel version in order to fix adb.

Note: You should make a nandroid backup before using these kernels.

Note to Rom makers: If you want to use these kernels in your roms please use one of the stock speed undervolt kernels, so that your users may choose the overclock kernel that works best with their phone.

DISCLAIMER  : Use these at your own risk. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage to your phone these or any kernels may cause.

WARNING: Please visit the kernel information page (main kernels link on menu) before proceeding to download any kernels (sub-menus). This page contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION about using the kernels.


By Hydra (ejhart)

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